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Hello Everyone!

It's Siobhan here. Over the coming weeks, Tim and I are planning on putting together some recipes that use Salann Sea Salts Seasonings in them! They will be here on the blog section of our website and they are free!

Our love for food and good flavours is what lead us to create Salann Foods.

We will also give a sneak peek into our kitchen and what we're developing right now! We are currently creating something you can drink!

Very different from our current product line. No need to worry, we will still be working on our seasonings too.

Our goal in the kitchen is to have as little waste as possible. Cutting down waste and our carbon footprint is a big personal goal for us.

So naturally, we want to do that in our business as well!

You will be able to follow us here on that journey too.

Thanks for reading,


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